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MediACE3D Solution for 3D Printed Orthosis


(3D CAD & 3D Scanner for Orthosis Design)

RealDimension provides MediACE3D, a unique 3D CAD software and a dedicated 3D Scanner system for orthosis design.


Additive Manufacturing Solution for Orthosis

RealDimension supply systems about 3D Printers and filament materials for its Custom 3D printed orthosis service business.


Service Platform for Custom 3D Printed Orthosis

MediACE3D offers integrated services of scan, design, and print for 3D printed orthosis and cooperates with clinics and companies.


Complete custom orthosis model within 30 minutes by applying the patented template design algorithm

Custom orthosis design according to prescription

Easy and quick orthosis design by design template

Create standardized custom orthosis model


Import PLY & STL files created by 3D scanner

Create design curve directly on mesh model surface

Generate skeleton & apply
template design from library

Optimized Mesh Data Processing Algorithm


AFO Design
(Foot Orthosis)

For custom 3D printed lower extremity orthosis design


WHO Design
(Hand Orthosis)

For custom 3D printed upper extremity orthosis design


Insole Design
(Orthotic Insole)

For 3d printed insole design for foot theraphy
(To be released in 2021) 


CRO Design
(Cranial Helmet)

For 3d printed helmet design for pediatric cranial correction
(To be released in 2021) 

MediACE Scanner


Modular configuration

- 360 degree rotating scanner using two 3D cameras
- Configure a scanner for leg, arm and head in one scanner


Easy & Quick Scan

- Both feet can be scanned simultaneously
- Scan within 30 seconds


Optimized Scan Data

- Create PLY data containing an image of colored-marker used to design the orthosis model
- Integrate with MediACE3D CAD

Additive Manufacturing System
for Custom Orthosis


Custom 3D Printed Orthosis

RealDimension leads new medical solution with innovative 3D Printing & XR technology.

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