Design a bespoke
orthosis with MediACE3D

MediACE3D is the dedicated CAD software
for the design of the custom 3D printed orthosis.

MediACE Scan MediACE3D

MediACE3D Solution

Easy body scan with MediACE Scan

The beginner-friendly design process with template design

Unique correction algorithm


Custom orthosis designs are available with various patterns of ventilation holes.

We provide
MediACE3D Solution
with our unique 3D scanner and CAD software.

MediACE Scan

MediACE Scan

MediACE Scan is a 3D scanner solution for custom 3D printed orthosis. It can 3D scan the human body easily & fast and the scan model can work with MediACE3D CAD.



MediACE3D is a unique 3D CAD software for custom 3D printed orthosis design.
By applying a patented template design algorithm, even beginners can easily and quickly design custom 3D printed orthosis model. 

Additive Manufacturing System
for Bespoke Orthosis

Additive Manufacturing System for Bespoke Orthosis

Superior correction capability

Lightweight & Comfortable activity

Breathable Shower-able


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