Digital Transformation with Custom 3D Printed Orthosis

RealDimension provides a solution and a service to clinics/manufacturers for Custom 3D printed orthosis services.

Custom 3D printed orthosis – Innovative Medical Service of Orthopedics/Rehabilitation Clinic

Custom 3D printed orthosis service is an innovative medical service that provide personalized orthosis based on digital process.

New Medical Service

Provide new digital-based medical service as like orthosis 3D design and 3D printing by using human body scanned data and medical imaging data, CT/MRI.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

3D printed orthosis service improves patient satisfaction due to its aesthetics and convenience in daily life such as comfortable fit, vented holes, lightweight, relieve skin trouble, shower-able.

Reduce time and cost for clinic/patient

3D printed orthosis reduces the time and cost of doctors and patients for the follow-up examinations such as incisions, X-rays, etc., as to clinics provide patients with 3D printed orthosis service. 

Key Features of Custom 3D Printed Orthosis

Superior rectification capability

The patient-tailored 3D printed orthosis provides superior protection and correction capability.

Lightweight &
Comfortable activity

3D printed orthosis is lightweight and fitting, it enables comfortable daily life and activity while wearing it.

Detachable &
Eliminate fear

Comfortable detachability provides convenience in daily life, and it eliminates fear like removing plaster cast.

Vented Holes &

Excellent ventilation with a lattice structure, pattern holes, etc. and enable swimming and shower while wearing on.

Reduce odors &
Relieve skin trouble

Reduce skin troubles and odors even wear on for a long time, easy to clean wash. It is better to use antibacterial filament.


Differentiate from ready-made orthosis due to its beautiful appearance and personal tailored design.

Custom 3D Printed Orthosis

We support hospitals and clinics who want to service custom 3D printed orthosis to patients.

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