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RealDimension leads new medical solutions with innovative 3D Printing technology & VR/AR technology.

The Vision


MediACE3D is the unique 3D design tool for Custom 3D printed orthosis design in Orthopedics/Rehabilitation field and will be expanded continuously into a CAD tool capable of designing all the orthosis that can be wear on the human body in the future. In addition, we will extend our 3D printed orthosis solution to rehabilitation robots, convergence products with wearable technology and so on.

MediACE3D to be evolved continuously with the goal of creating the ultimate 3D solution that realizes 3D Human Experience which optimized for additive manufacturing in the medical field.


About Us

RealDimension Inc. which consists of experts in 3D CAD, 3D Printing application technology and VR/AR simulation technology in the medical field is leading the ICT convergence technology in the medical industry.
It provides MediACE3D, design software for 3D Printed Orthosis, to worldwide users and provides a Custom 3D Printed Orthosis to hospitals and clinics.
And it is doing research & development of core VR/AR simulation technologies to implement Digital Twin in the Medical Domain.

RealDimension Inc.

RealDimension leads new medical solution with innovative 3D Printing technology & VR/AR technology.

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